PowerFactory 2016 SP1 now available
DIgSILENT has released the new service pack PowerFactory 2016 SP1.

With this new version, DIgSILENT has made a further step towards product localization, now supporting the user  
interface in the following languages: English, German, French, Chinese, Russian, and Turkish.

The new service pack is available to registered users of companies with valid guarantee/maintenance on the  
DIgSILENT Download Area.

Courtesy of: DIgSILENT PowerFactory
In the PowerFactory 2016 release a portfolio of new capabilities and features for improved result visualisation and  
graphical representation will be added. Moreover, the 2016 release will integrate a variety of new models and will  
provide a multitude of improvements regarding calculation performance via the incorporation of advanced  
parallelisation techniques. In addition, the new version will come with a completely redesigned look, making the  
handling more intuitive and improving workflow.

PowerFactory 2016 product highlights will include among others:

- New Network Model Manager with grouping and filter functionality
- Improved workflow through redesigned user interface
- Diagram Layout Tool for auto-drawing of network diagrams
- Integration of plots in network diagrams
- View Bookmarks for improved navigation
- Significantly improved performance by new parallelisation features as well as Task Automation command
- QV Curves Calculation as new Transmission Network Tool
- Phase Balance Optimisation as new Distribution Network Tool
- Improved Reliability Assessment by Contribution to Indices
- Cable Ampacity calculation based on IEC 60287 or Neher-McGrath method
- Network reduction method based on REI equivalents
- New Frequency Analysis tool including Prony Analysis
- Enhanced electrical models such as extended synchronous machine models, power electronic converter models  
(MMC, HVDC Control Modes), and a new Universal Line Model (ULM), etc.
- New convenient functions for plots (statistic labels, moving/sliding and compression, digital signal plots, fault  
recorder view, etc.)
- Compliance with ENTSO-E Profile CGMES based on CIM 16
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